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   "It is a very difficult game to play improperly!"

~Mike Carpenter, blackjack & poker dealer 


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When playing Silverado Stud® Poker, players are not playing against the dealer or the other players. Players are simply trying to make the best 3-card poker hand and the best 5-card poker hand. The player uses the four cards in his hand along with the dealer's two cards, called 'community cards,' to make the 3-card and 5-card hands. Below is a detailed description of how the game is played.



Players place 2 equal wagers on the designated areas.


1. Each player will receive four cards. The player will split the four cards

    received; one for the 3-card hand and three for the 5-card hand.

2. The dealer will then flip over the first community card.

3. The player has the option to place a 'raise' in respect to the 5-card hand.

4. The dealer will flip the second community card and winning hands
    will be paid accordingly.


"I see people of all ages playing this game and having fun...There's not too many card games that you can double your bet after you already know you have a winner."               

                               ~Carol Smith dealer at Royal River Casino


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