"I don't know any other game that you can have this much fun!"




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Check out these winners who have hit a STRAIGHT FLUSH or a ROYAL FLUSH on the 5-card hand.  Winners have given us their comments and tips about Silverado Stud® Poker.


Player: Ray Schultz

Age: 74

What aspect of Silverado Stud® Poker do you enjoy the most? All.

Where do you like to play Silverado Stud® Poker?  Flandreau and Watertown.

How long do you usually play at a time? 2 to 3 hours

What is your highest ranking hand that you have received? Straight Flush on the 5-card hand.

Please list all other games you enjoy in order of preferecne.  1st Silverado Stud; 2nd Live Poker

Would you consider it an easy game to play?  Yes.



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